Why «English for children» isn’t an option in today’s world?

Jul 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

With english being one of the most influential languages in the world today, it has become vital for non native english speakers to learn this as their second language. And learning tools and habilities, such as «English for Children», are fundamental to accomplish this growing demand.


Why english matters

English has become the universal language, being the most spoken language all over the world. This means that learning english can bring tons of benefits for you and your children not only at a professional level, but also at a personal one.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that learning english is now “a must” and can’t be overlooked by parents seeking the best education for their children. But why the importance of learning it as a kid?

Learning a new language is easier as a kid

As mentioned in one of our previous articles «Colegios biculturales y sus ventajas», children from ages 3 to 4 absorb languages in a faster and more precise way, this is because during this age we learn languages in an involuntary way, it goes straight to our brain core, since it is also developing itself.

Kids who start learning english early gain the following advantages:

  • Have a better concentration capacity
  • They’re better at solving problems
  • They’re better at multitasking
  • Improves their memory and attention
  • Can better relate different concepts

Why do you want your children to learn english?

Aside from the benefits listed above, learning a second language is key for your children’s future. Certainly, it will give them access to better education and to better opportunities in life, since they will not have to limit to what’s available in their home country or native language.

By learning english they gain the opportunity to experience living abroad, attend an international university and expand their culture by meeting new people from different countries and learning about their different ways of life.

With this higher educational experience, they will consequently have better job opportunities. Today every high job position requires english knowledge, not to mention the possibility to work in an international company, from any given industry, in and out of their home country.

English is a barrier breaker

Studies have shown that 56% of articles found online are in english, followed by german at 8%. This is a huge difference, and it proves how important it is and how much it can expand our barriers.

We can gain access to tons of new information and experiences, from reading articles or books online, to watching movies in their original language.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that nowadays schools often recruit teachers from all over the world. It’s purpose is to give their students access to the best education possible, and sometimes these teachers will not know the local language and will be able to communicate only through english.

But what is the difference between a bicultural school and a school that teaches english?

While a lot of schools offer english as a subject, bicultural schools teach some, if not all, of their subjects in english, making students get used to the language in their daily life.

This also often means that the school will offer international exchange programs. These programs seek to make their students live an international experience that better helps them practice the language and challenge themselves to perfect their knowledge.


Knowing english means having access to the best universities

Nine of the top ten best universities in the world are located in english speaking countries, the United States and the United Kingdom. This means that the best educational programs in the world are based in english.

By not knowing english at a high level, your children would be losing the opportunity to attend the best universities available. Not necessarily talking about the top ten in the world, but maybe in your home country or even your current city. Every university requires english, not to mention how it can be a huge differential at the moment of requesting a scholarship.

English is not only helpful professionally

We already established how important it can be to learn english for the future of your children, but it can also be a real fun tool.

Knowing english is important for traveling and tourism. Imagine traveling to a foreign country and not be able to understand what the tour person says, or what the signs and museums say. Traveling to meet new countries will lose its entire purpose if you can’t really live the full experience of it.

It also helps you communicate with people from different countries, cultures and ways of life. Imagine to have a foreign friend who can tell you about their culture, their family, their customs and their history. And also being able to tell them about yours.

English can be seen as a key to the world and to infinite possibilities, and while it was earlier seen as a plus, it has now become a must for every person who wants to have a good education and greater professional opportunities. To learn more about our program at Colegio Washington click on the link below.