Ways best schools are teaching English for Kids today

Jul 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

With technology evolving more and more every day, traditional teaching methods find themselves slowly becoming obsolete. Schools and universities can’t help but to innovate on their methods in order to be able to give their students the best and newest learning experience, while also being more effective. The way english for kids is being taught in schools is an example of integrating children into this constant evolution.


English for kids today

As we already mentioned, learning english as a second language has now become a must for anyone who wants to make it big in their professional and cultural life. There are no longer any excuses for not learning english.


Of course learning english as a kid has become something of extreme importance. As it can be vital on determining how good a person will become at it, but even age is not an excuse for not learning english, specially with all the tools you can find nowadays.


Sure, on the early days you had to spend tons of time on english lessons, making it harder for anyone who didn’t learn it in school. For example, as you grow up you have less time available to spend learning or taking lessons. Plus, you had to go physically to the classroom in order for you to learn. But that has been long lost.


Teaching methods of the modern era


Online learning isn’t a new concept, but it certainly is one that is particularly resonating nowadays. Since the Covid-19 pandemic taking over the world, schools and universities alike have been innovating in new ways to adapt their already successful educational model, to a digital one.




This takes us to the well known bicultural model. What’s the difference between a bicultural and bilingual model? Simple. While a bilingual model teaches you English as a subject. However, a bicultural model does not only that, but teaches at least an 80% of its subjects in english.


This means students get to practice what they learn in different environments. Therefore, they are no longer limited to learning the basic english words, but they learn math, science, literature and even world history, in english.


How can kids better learn english?

It’s been proven that listening to a language constantly can be one of the most effective ways to learn how to speak and how to listen. That’s why there are so many international exchange programs to help students practice their second language.


But why is this so important? The more and more you get used to listening, reading, and even thinking in english, the better you will become at it. Your brain will process it faster, and soon enough you will be able to address english as well as you do in your native language.


Imagine little kids who are still learning spanish at its fullest, and they are also learning english. Not only on it’s basic form, which would be learning vocabulary and spelling, but also learning real life concepts also in english.


Learning english this young will make them learn easier and faster, but it doesn’t stop there, it has many other benefits, like for example:


  • Improving how they solve problems.
  • Updating their creativity.
  • Boosting self confidence.
  • Reduces chances of an illness such as Alzheimer.


This bicultural model, combined with the use of technology, fun games and activities, will guarantee kids will shortly become experts at it.


Kids learning english can have fun too

The classroom is no longer just a physical place, it has also become a virtual environment for your kids.




Teaching english to kids can be tricky. One of the most important things to consider is that they need to be comfortable with where they are. And the best choice is this virtual environment, in which they are becoming increasingly used to, since it is now a basic element in everyone’s daily life.


With this combined methods, kids have fun while they learn, which helps make them have a different perspective of what learning is.


Back in the day they made you sit at a classroom and just listen to a teacher for an hour, taking notes and later taking tests. This kind of method most of the time made kids hate going to school, they saw it as something boring and tedious.


But with the combined used of teachers and 100% digital classrooms, kids no longer get bored, they no longer feel overwhelmed, and their focus is highly increased.


Learning for their future

This kind of method has proven to be very effective, with top universities and high schools recognizing that their top new students come from schools with this kind of bicultural programs.


Certainly, if a kid entering high school has already mastered english as a second language, then they will be ready to start with a third one. Maybe inspiring them to continue expanding their horizons and open even more doors for their future professional life.


If parents want the best future possible for their kids, making sure they learn english is a must, and a bicultural program is the best and most effective method for achieving this. To learn more about our program at Colegio Washington click on the link below.