How does Washington create Tomorrow’s Heroes and Leaders

Sep 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

In Colegio Washington our top priority is to prepare kids to become tomorrow’s heroes and leaders. We focus on teaching them how to be fully capable and highly competitive academically and professionally, distinguished by their values and abilities.

Therefore, we have carefully developed an educational model that prepares children for this task. This encourages them to be capable of dominating technological and linguistic skills through the use of several activities.

Creating tomorrow’s leaders:

Teaching English as a priority:

One of our main purposes is to prepare children for the future. In today’s world this means speaking at least two languages, with English being the most important one to learn and dominate since it is the most spoken language worldwide.

Being bilingual gives access to tons of opportunities all over the world. Whether talking about school, university or looking for a new job, chances are, they are all going to require knowing English as a minimum to even be considered as a potential candidate.

Around 59% of the information online is in English. This means that a good amount of the most relying on complete information is in this language. Whenever you need to look something up you will always get better and more trustworthy results by looking it up in English.

Also, since English is known as the universal language, you can travel almost anywhere in the world and be able to communicate with almost anyone, which is a great tool for traveling no matter the purpose.

In Colegio Washington we provide our students with certifications from worldwide institutions. Therefore, they can prove their language abilities and be recognized globally as proficient English speakers.


Educational Model:

Most schools work under a bilingual educational model. Meanwhile they teach English but only as a subject and for a limited amount of hours every week, we do things a little differently.

We work under a bicultural educational model. This means we not only teach English as a subject, but most of our classes are entirely in English, so we can ensure that kids are constantly exposed to the language and get enough practice to fully learn it.

For instance, kids are practicing the language enough so that they can quickly learn to understand it in real time. As they are able to listen, comprehend, and speak all in real time as clearly as they do their native language.

This also helps them understand the importance of learning English, as they see it applied to real life situations, aside from the common fictional scenarios created for traditional English lessons.

As they learn basic school subjects in English they understand the importance of the language and the whole impact it has globally. Therefore, they become interested in learning not because it is an obligation for them, but because they are aware of the advantages of it.

This sometimes results in them trying to continue being exposed to language as much as possible, doing things like for example preferring to watch TV in its original language, which is most likely English.

All of these little actions translate into them being even more involved in their own learning process and therefore achieving a better English level, which makes a huge difference for them.

We also make sure kids develop all the values they need to become tomorrow’s successful leaders. Preparing them to deal with global challenges and can be highlighted by their abilities and commitment with society.

Innovation and technology:

We make sure we are up to date with the latest technological developments so that we can provide a better experience for our students.

We are aware of how new generations behave and how traditional teaching methods don’t have the same effect on them as they used to do. Kids today are much more restless and need more immersive activities in order for them to learn.

Each of our classrooms is equipped with projectors, iPads for both teachers and students and specialized software. This ensures that our students live a fully digitalized experience in which they not only learn, but question themselves and their teachers in order to have a richer educational experience.

With this methodology kids also learn about using technology responsibly, with the purpose of learning and growing instead of just entertaining. They learn about how they can use these technologies for their personal and academic growth.

Through robotics and programming lessons, kids become more prepared for the future. How? They receive important creative and innovative stimulation so that they can be more competitive and prepared to look at several professional opportunities.

Programming is a highly requested skill nowadays. Since almost every kind of business requires it whether  for web-page or app development. tomorrow’s leaders will be ready to create their products and services.


Extracurricular activities:

Carrying out activities outside of school time helps kids to be active and in constant growth. Here they can develop new abilities and find a new passion, as well as learning about discipline and consistency.

They learn to love what they do and being hungry to become better at it. And they also learn to not abandon things when they get difficult and endure new challenges and even be inspired by them.

We have activities that vary from physical to cultural and academical. As a result, kids are able to choose the one they like the most or even try different ones until they find the one or the ones they like more.

We also provide the opportunity for middle school students to live an international experience by attending a foreign school during a school period. Not only helping them to practice the language, the better, but also living an unforgettable experience.

They learn about responsibilities and how to take care of themselves in an unfamiliar environment, while also speaking a language different to their native tongue which readies them for potential future challenges and situations.

Tomorrow’s Leaders in Colegio Washington

This article sums up how we have the purpose of preparing our students to be their better version of themselves in the future. But we can ansure that there’s much to do, and we can’t wait to show you!

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