Why are your Kids not learning english properly?

Jul 29, 2020 | Uncategorized

Today, learning english is key in your kids future. Wherever you live, people are going to speak english. It is the universal language and it cannot be overlooked by parents who want the best for their kids.

But as parents, we sometimes make mistakes as how to help our kids learn a second language, whether it is because of the method we are trying or because they don’t have access to the best tools available.

It’s important to take into consideration that learning english doesn’t have to be a boring subject for your kids, it shouldn’t be seen as something they are forced to do. It can and should be a real fun experience. It is a key for them to understand how good it can be for their future, the huge opportunities they will find thanks to it, not only professional, but culturally too.


Here we present some of the main reasons why your kids might not be learning english properly.

Your kids started learning at an older age

Some people wait for their kids to be older before starting to learn english. This is because they think by being more mature they will be better learners, but this is a huge misconception.

As we have learned, the younger a kid is, the better and easier he will learn english, this is due to the fact that their brain is still developing, and by learning two languages at the same time (their native language and english) they are exercising more their brain.


This will bring several benefits to your kid, aside from the fact that they will become english experts.

  • Increase their creativity
  • Better focus
  • Better problem solving
  • Reduced risk of having brain diseases

Kids are afraid of making mistakes

The younger they start learning the easiest it will be for them also because they won’t be afraid of screwing up, since they are younger they still don’t know the concept of being embarrassed or nervous.

Little kids don’t mind saying what’s in their head, they speak freely and therefore are not afraid of making mistakes. But what does this have to do with learning english?

As we get older we start to care more about what people think, we think before we speak, and we pay attention not to make mistakes. If we are trying to learn english we will probably be afraid to speak because of fear of having a bad pronunciation, saying words incorrectly, or not even knowing what to say.

Kids don’t care about this, so they will make as much mistakes as they want, and this only means they will be learning more and more and becoming better at it.

But my kids have english lessons at school, why aren’t they learning?

A lot of schools are bilingual, this means they teach english as a subject but that’s it. They have one daily our dedicated to english, or even less, two or three times a week.

This is not enough for them to fully learn the language, they have to keep practicing constantly. The solution for this is a bicultural program, in which kids not only have english lessons, but they take most of their subjects in english, for example math, history, literature, etc.


By taking most of their subjects in english, they are getting used to listening to the language and practice it every day for the most part of it. This can make a huge difference between a bilingual and a bicultural school english level.

Kids are not practicing english on a daily routine

As simple as it sounds, watching movies, tv shows or cartoons in english can help kids get more used to the language. As kids see it as something normal that is part of their daily life, and they are motivated to learn in order to better understand what they are watching.

If your kid is learning english at school but he doesn’t practice it outside of the classroom then the lessons will not have enough impact. They need to be exposed to english outside of a learning environment, this way they will understand it is part of global daily life.

Kids are not learning english with the right method

If not taught with the right method kids are going to see learning english as something boring and unnecessary.


Modern methods include the use of technology and other innovations. Therefore, kids have fun while learning and gain more interest in doing so, for example the use of music in teaching. This is something that will be of great interest for them, and therefore will improve their learning.

Technology is ever evolving and with it comes new methods of teaching and learning, methods that have been proven to be very effective. The happier the kid is and the more fun he is having, the better he will be learning.

Learning english is very important for the future of your children. Click on the link below to get to know the Colegio Washington educational model and how we can help your kids achieve their greatest potential.