7 reasons to choose an Apple Distinguished School

Sep 9, 2022 | alumnos-washington, colegio-bilingüe, colegio-washington

Apple Distinguished Schools is a prestigious program that guides many schools in a global environment, to transform education into motivation for children and teenagers. Get to know more about it down below and see how technology is capable of changing the way our children learn.


What is an Apple Distinguished School?

Over the years, the technology company Apple has managed to position itself as a leader in technology. It has been characterized by being an expert in the introduction of new products to the market that has changed the lives of young and old, such as the iPad.

It has also been a pioneer in launching powerful hardware and software for endless uses in various sectors, including education and design for personal and team use, as well as the creation of educational content by both teachers and students.

This is how Apple bet on the education sector by launching the Apple Distinguished Schools program, which is responsible for providing support to schools around the world to get more out of the tools it offers. With this, the educational institutions that belong to it are also recognized as truly innovative in their educational models.

Currently, 689 schools in 36 countries have this badge, and in Mexico Colegio Washington is proud to hold this accreditation thanks to its educational model, which prioritizes cutting-edge teaching methodologies and updating by all teachers in Apple tools.

7 Reasons to choose an Apple Distinguished School

Apple Recognition

Apple provides constant support and training to all teachers in participating schools so that they also learn how to use the different tools. With this, teachers are prepared to teach excellent quality classes and with all the necessary commitment to creating technology leaders.

Free resources for teachers and students

An Apple Distinguished School offers its users different resources to grow together. Through talks, software programs, updates, books, meetings for teachers, and much more material, the entire educational community grows and continues to learn through the consultation of information and the creation of many materials.

Boost to creativity

Apple devices come ready to boost everyone’s creativity. They contain programs and apps that allow you to perform tasks creatively, by searching for information and striking design. They can learn how to edit videos, create music, research, and even program! Everything, giving free rein to your children’s imagination.

Exponentiation at learning

We use iPads as support to learn funnily, since in addition to creativity they stimulate their intellect in diverse subjects of mathematics, robotics, natural sciences, and history, among others. Through the iPad, their interest is stimulated and young and old are kept motivated to learn even the most difficult topics.


Learning is fun

Learning becomes light, fun, and meaningful at an Apple Distinguished School. Our children stay motivated and alert whenever they gain new knowledge, which fosters a positive and responsible school environment with technology.

Technological learning for the future

We should all be able to call ourselves digital citizens; that is, knowing how to fully use technology to our advantage because it is a skill that we all need today.

A school with this certification guarantee that everyone learns what is necessary to function in the digital world, from the most basic to complex processes that they will need in their adult life. In their present, we train children capable of exploiting these tools so that they are competent in all aspects: academic, personal, and tomorrow, in their working life.

Apple Distinguished Teachers

Not only schools can be certified with Apple. By having this achievement, the teachers obtain the recognition of being Apple Distinguished Teachers, which accredits them as highly capable teachers and apt to use and teach handling the tools that the iPads and iMacs have.

At Colegio Washington, no one stops learning. This has brought us years of effort, practice, and constant updating, thanks to which today we hold this recognition from Apple. With this, we reinforce one of the pillars of our educational model: I’m Digital, with which we bet everything on digital education.
You and your little one can be part of this digital revolution. Join the Washington Community and make it learn in a dynamic, competent, and focused way to create innovative leaders for tomorrow. Find out how by clicking on the following button and downloading your information brochure.